GREETINGS SINGERS! My name is Maria Ferrer, vocal coach & owner of Queen Vision Entertainment. I have been vocal coaching for over 14 years. I specialize in developing singers of all ages and all levels from beginner to professional. I started vocal coaching when I realized that I had such a passion for helping people learn music. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I guarantee after one lesson with me you will see that! I studied vocal and music theory at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts where I learned the fundamentals I teach today. I have been so involved in music that over the years I've acquired so much knowledge and experience and gladly share with others. I love musical theatre, pop, R&B and Soul, and also love Jazz Standards. I enjoy working with beginner singers who only want to sing better in the shower, to recording artists who are established and building their careers. I also LOVE working with children as I have a young son myself. I have lived all over the world as I was a military brat growing up, however my home is Los Angeles, CA. I look forward to being your singing coach and making you the best singer you can be!

Maria Ferrer