"I have been singing for about 40 years, and when I saw the Groupon for voice lessons, decided to give it a try. It was wonderful! I enjoyed the first 3 lessons so much, I paid for an additional 5. Maria is a talented and caring coach, concerned with helping stretch your talent and challenge your ways of doing things. She is knowledgeable and friendly, pushing where there is a push needed. I HIGHLY recommend partnering with Maria for voice lessons. You will feel appreciated for your talent and challenged to make it better at the same time. JUST DO IT!"

DEBBIE F. • Downey, CA



"Maria is a fabulous voice teacher! I was in a rock musical at the beginning of the year and not feeling fully confident in my ability to give a five star performance, met with Maria and after four lessons I performed confidently, powerfully and had audience members congratulating me on a great performance. I'm definitely keeping Maria around for upcoming projects! My 9-year-old daughter took 3 lessons with Maria; she won her 2nd singing competition a week later. Maria is amazing. She's not only talented, intuitive and kind but she also provides tools that go beyond her lessons. We have exercises my daughter can do at home or in the car! Maria also really listens well regarding goals and then tailors each session. We feel so lucky to have found Maria!"

TANIA B. • Los Angeles, CA

"My children have been taking voice lessons for 3 months now and I myself took three classes as well and Maria has been able to bring the best out of us – she is extremely diligent and thorough in teaching her techniques which show themselves extremely useful as well as bringing wonderful results! She an amazing teacher, sweet yet detail oriented and also extremely flexible! Her schedule is wide ranged mornings and even evenings plus weekends the prices are amazing and the results extraordinary! I would recommend Maria to anyone with a desire to sing and taking their voice to the next level!!!"

SANDRA J. • Gardena, CA

"Maria brought out the best in me. It was great working with her and

then sharing my ability to record and upload to YouTube. I am proud of my work and hope to take the next steps with Queen Vision Entertainment.

She is the air beneath my lungs."

BARRY S. • Beverly Hills, CA

"I love working with Maria! Unlike my previous vocal coach, she's open-minded to my song selection. She's also the first coach to teach me how to breathe properly, which has helped tremendously in building up my vocal strength and endurance. I definitely recommend Maria as a vocal coach. She's extremely professional, super nice, and understanding. Thank you, Maria! :)"

ALINA A. • West Hollywood, CA

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